Tribe Council

At The Hunting Tribe, we value the wisdom and guidance that come from the unique perspectives of experts in the hunting community.  To that end, we have assembled some of the most respected and knowledgeable authorities in all things hunting.  They are available to our members in a variety of ways and contribute enlightening content to the site on a regular basis.   Any hunting question you might have from tags and geography to ammo and arrows, and everything in between, we have a member of our council with the information you need.

Here are some of our Tribe Council members:

Al Morris, Foxpro Inc.
John Bair, Chairman of Utah DNR
Brandon Sulser, Big Game Forever
Brad Bentley, Bowie Resources
Craig Simpson, Hunter
David Forbush, Glass It Up
Ed Brewer, Horn Hunter
Jeff Skousen, Hunter
Hunts for the Brave
Jared Shelley, Hunter
Troy Justensen, SFW [Sportsman for Fish & Wildlife]

Jessica Devenish, The Hunting Tribe
Jessica Hortman, Hunter
Joe Haycock, Cabela’s
John Henrichsen, Sneekee
Kelly Devenish, The Hunting Tribe
Lindsay Robinson, Gypsy Oak Retrievers
Sean Morgan, Hoyt Archery
Melissa Whittaker, SFW (Sportsman for Fish & Wildlife)
Steve Sorensen, Antler Buyers
Tyrel Thompson, PSC Outdoors

Mark Skousen, Elk 101

Trever Thompson,PSC Outdoors
Ben Richardson, Waterfowl University
Rick Brittain, NWTF (North Western Turkey Foundation)
Austin McFee , Huntin’ Fool
Kevin Packson, RMEF {Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation)
Kurt Sheppard, RMEF [Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation]
Sawyer Peacock, Anter Buyers
Sean DeGrey, Total Archery Challenge
Tyrel Gray, Total Archery Challenge