Utah Bowmens Association

Utah Bowmens Association

Started in 1957, the Utah Bowmen’s Association (UBA) is an organization made up of bowhunters, tournament archers, and archery clubs. UBA is a non-profit organization whose objective is to perpetuate archery and bowhunting to all Utahns interested in the sport, as well as heavy involvement in wildlife conservation and management.

I first became a member of UBA in the mid 90’s when I became an active member of my local archery club, Timpanogos Archers. I was only on the sidelines a few years before joining UBA as their VP/Bowhunting. This role consisted of gathering input from bowhunters around the state,  presenting proposals to the local RAC committees and the Utah Wildlife Board. Assisting with harvest surveys etc. I served in this position for two years, working with many great friends and other conservation groups.

At that time, UBA held an annual banquet that had about 100 attendees. That was then.

This past weekend I was able to attend the 60th anniversary banquet put on by UBA. The event was held at the Easton Archery Center in Salt Lake City, and there were over 700 in attendance! The keynote speaker this year was Fred Eichler. A traditional bowhunter like myself, and someone I’ve looked up to for years. He talked about some of his adventures, and had everyone in the room laughing for over an hour!

I was at the event more for my personal interest, but I’m also always representing the Hunting Tribe. This year the Hunting Tribe and our partner Sneekee One Camo donated a set of camo to the banquet, helping generate nearly $300 to the 10’s of thousands generated overall. The money raised at the event comes from dinner ticket sales, donations from countless archery related businesses throughout the State, conservation hunting permits, and donations from other conservation groups. Moneys raised by UBA are divided as such; 90% goes directly to the Division of Wildlife (30% is given to the Division prior to September, the remaining 60% is earmarked specifically for wildlife related projects, like habitat restoration, etc.)  10% goes to UBA administration, NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program), Big Game Forever, and local archery clubs.

With archery being one of my favorite hobbies and interests, this event is one I always look forward to. It’s always great to see so many great friends, meet new ones, and see this organization grow like it has. Events like this make me proud to be a sportsman.

I became a life member of UBA in 2009, and my opinion is, if you feel passionate about archery and bowhunting in Utah you should consider joining UBA. They really are the voice of the bowhunter.  It’s only $20 per year! Go to http://www.utahbowmen.org/Join-UBA

– Kevin Jensen