Why I am a Hunter

Why I am a Hunter

Despite the snow falling silently around me, a bead of sweat forms and slowly makes it’s way from my forehead to my cheek. The big cat in my crosshairs pauses for a moment, temporarily abandoning the pursuit of five deer. He glances my direction, questioning himself before continuing on. He turns slightly, presenting me with the perfect ethical shot. I take it. Several days of grueling spot and stalk in rough terrain have culminated in this instant. That’s one of the reason’s I hunt.

I hunt for the challenge. I hunt for the time spent in nature. I hunt for the gratitude I feel for having the freedom to pursue my passion in the beauty of God’s country. I hunt for the incredible things I learn. But mostly, I hunt to connect with my family and friends. There is nothing that promotes teamwork and bonding like hunting.

But merely being someone who hunts does not make you a hunter. In my mind, a hunter is someone who elevates the sport and brings passion and dedication to it. Hunters are hardworking, committed and zealous. They are ethical and concerned about conservation. They have deep respect for the wildlife they hunt, the territory and terrain they navigate, and Mother Nature.

A hunter knows that preparation is important and invaluable. They hunt for the experience and the lessons, the trophy is the icing on top. An avid hunter values every hunting encounter, not just those where they are able to harvest an animal.

Some of my favorite people are hunters, and I am proud to be a hunter in our Tribe.

– Kelly Devenish


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