Our Team

Jessica Devenish, Tribe owner

“Hunting is our hobby.  Time with family and friends is our passion.”


Jessica grew up in Mapleton, Utah, enjoying the mountains with her family.  Her father being an avid outdoorsman, she learned to hunt, fish, hike and ski at a very young age.  She had the good fortune of marrying a man who shared her passion for hunting and the outdoors.  They are raising their five children in the same tradition.


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Kelly Devenish, Tribe Owner

“I am grateful to have the freedom to pursue my passion for hunting in God’s beautiful country.”


Kelly was raised in Wyoming, where his love of hunting and the outdoors began.  If he wasn’t in school or on the football field, you could find him in the mountains with a gun, bow or pole.  He is passionate about high country mulies, and big predators such as mountain lions and bears.  He finds teaching his children how to hunt to be enjoyable and rewarding.  He loves hunting with his kids and mixing old traditions with new ones.


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